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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year, New Look

I've spent the last couple days working to redesign our website for a couple of reasons. For starters I felt that our old website (in case you don't remember, which you probably don't, it was all black) was too heavy and serious. Then I stumbled upon another couple's website that looked a lot like ours, but better because it wasn't done on wix for free. They are great photographers by the way but I'm not going to mention names here.

So now I've updated our website and our blog so they look similar. Let us know what you think. Don't be too harsh as this is all being "designed" with free software and services we found online.

And what is a blog post without pictures! Here are a couple of my favorites from Brazil. I love the lighting and the subject in these pictures. Enjoy!



  1. Love that the photos are so large now! And LOVE the new lighter, brighter look!

    My only comment for the blog is that it's kinda weird to have the sidebar all the way at the bottom now... I don't think it would cut in to your photo space too much to have a narrow sidebar on the right or left side again. It would also make finding links and followers and older entries much easier! (Meaning more people would click over to your website if your link were on the top left/right rather than at the bottom.)

  2. That is a great point! I will see if I can keep the pictures at a similar size and get that back up to the top. Thanks!