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Monday, March 22, 2010

Club Blatz Photography Exhibit

It's been awhile since we blogged so here goes:

Gabi and I were recently invited to participate in the Club Blatz Photography Exhibit held at Arnold's Bar and Grill last Saturday. This was our first official showing as G+J Photography, and it was a blast (or should i say...a Blatz)!

Club Blatz is a group of talented photographers in the greater Cincy area who met each other through the Capture Cincinnati photography project. The club was founded last year by several prominent members who seem to share a mutual love for cameras and beer. Gabi and I are working on some concepts for the CB logo, but more on that at a later time.

Not only were we in the company of 4 other incredibly talented photographers who showed their work, but we were surrounded by great friends, good food and of course pint after pint of our tasty alcoholic beverage - Blatz Beer!

Below are a few photos that we took at the Exhibit, with more available after the jump by clicking on the flickr link here:

you should really hire these guys...I hear they like to take photos

An original Blatz beer.
the reason for the season

a tasty moment away from the crowd

you choose

G+J work C

G+J work A

Britney ain't got nothin' on this pose

Just a couple of our supportive friends Bob and Zena featured below.
Shout out to Ekow and Marie and Kate and Dan for coming out.
For all others we still love ya!
Bob & Zena


  1. Love that first shot! Also just loving the "honeyed" tone to these images. Very cool that y'all had a thing -- sorry I was out of town!

  2. I enjoyed looking at your work and chatting about racing with Jeremy at the Club Blatz Meetup. I really like the pics you have posted here from the show. Nice work as always!